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tiny GReader 2.0 - the news flow machine!

Reading news should be not centric to the lates information but should be a fluid experience as well. tiny Greader is bringing this to your device since Windows Mobile 5.0. This experience can't be beaten.

tiny Greader has a information flow centric user-interface where news come first. But you still are able to find and subscribe new feeds using the Google Reader API and unsubscribe from unwanted one.

The central part, the feed entry viewer delivers all informations in a nice and slick format. All actions like re-posting, sharing, emailing, staring and liking of feed entries are no more than two tabs way!

The Windows Phone 7 version was now rewritten from ground up.

The oline experience

The new google reader API used in this release, ensures optimal performance when synchronizing your local feeds with the server. The server responses to synchronize a feed or submit a tag are mostly < 1 sec.

The Authentication

Security was always something pointCODE cares about. In tiny GReader 1.x the entire client login credentials where stored locally on your device in a encrypted form - so even sneaking out credentials would have led to a encrypted username/password storage. Wince Windows Mobile 5.0 tiny GReader is using SSL encryption for ALL server requests to the google services - not only for logging in.

Since version 2.0 there are no more user-credentials stored offline. The authentication is now based on OAuth2.0 - the secure google open authentication scheme. Still: all remeining activities inside the Google Services scope rely on SSL encryption - something that will never change. Promissed! Security is crucial.

The UI

When it comes to using an mobile app, nothing counts more than a fludi and intuitive way of using an app. Less is more. The new tiny GReader has en even more simplified UI then the 1.x version. Still all functionality is available to the user. Reading news was never more easy. Like in version 1.0 you can swipe through news inside a feed or scroll through the headlines. But swiping became more fluid and intuitive and feeds are loaded with new information while swiping - so you never reach an end, when reading through your content.


  • Slick and responsive user interface
  • List synchronization of Reading/Starred/Broadcasted/Subscriptions and Comments
  • Make and read comments on feed posts from you and your friends
  • Share in facebook with comments
  • Embedded web browser
  • Picture viewer with "Save" option
  • Live tile push notification support
  • Pocket (Read It Later) support
  • Unlimited ad supported trial

A free trial ad supported trial is available next to the 1,29€ add-free full version.

New in Version 2.2

  • Pocket (Read It Later) integration
  • Several bugfixes and improvements

New in Version 2.1

  • Several bugfixes and improvements
  • Multi-Select in news list
  • Live-Tile PushNotifications

New in Version 2.0

  • Rewritten authentication scheme (OAuth2)
  • Rewritten Synchronization engine
  • Rewritten UI
  • Rewritten submission engine
  • Rewritten FeedItem-Parser to provide an optimal reading experience within the application

New in Version 1.8

  • Minor Bugfixes
  • Performance Improvements
  • GIF support (for our favourite Dilbert feed!)
  • (Mango) Pin feeds to your start-screen
  • Better internal WebBrowser

New in Version 1.7

  • Major bugfix on reading posts
  • Improved Facebook posting
  • You can now search and subscribe feeds out of the app!

New in Version 1.5

  • Improved Facebook-Share
  • Better error handling and minor Bug-Fixes
  • Added "Keep unread"
  • Mango: Pin to start for feed postings
  • Tab on pictures in a feed to get a fullscreen version and save them to your phone

New in Version 1.4

  • Native Facebook-Share functionality!
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved error handling

New in Version 1.2

  • New feed entyry reader
  • Fullscreen html view of the feed entry
  • Even better "comments" implementation

New in Version 1.1

  • Stability improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Better "comments" implementation